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G Box Q/Q2

How to update


If you are on firmware version 2.0 or higher you can use the Firmware Updater app (A.K.A OTA updater) to update to the latest stable version.


Download the latest firmware from here:G-Box Q

After you have placed the two files onto your SD card, you will begin the toothpick method.

  1. Disconnect power from G-box Q².
  2. Insert SD card with firmware files into card slot on the side of your G-box Q².
  3. Insert toothpick or similar object into "reset" hole on the back of your G-box Q², until you feel a click.
  4. Once you feel the click of the reset button, Hold it down with toothpick while reconnecting the power to your G-box Q².
  5. Hold down the button for roughly 20-30 seconds or until you see your screen change.
  6. Select "Apply Update From EXT"
  7. Select the Update Zip file
  8. Select Reboot System now

This should complete the manual update

SD Card

To avoid verification issues when manually updating the firmware, please ensure that you are using an SD card that is formatted to FAT32 and is between 2GBs and 32GBs in size.

Power Button Issues

If you are experiencing issues with the power button, please ensure that you are on the latest stable firmware. You can update your device by using the OTA updater ("Firmware Updater" app)

USB Devices Issue

If you are experiencing issues with wireless USB devices like wireless keyboard, mouse, or game-pads. Simply remove the USB dongle from the USB port on the back and reconnect the USB dongle. This should re-sync your device with the wireless dongle.

Date and Time Issues

To ensure that the time and date settings are correct accurate (including the time-zone). Navigate to: settings > advance settings > more settings > date & time

Weather Widget Issues

Factory Reset

You can preform a factory reset by using one of the two methods below:

  1. Navigate to the following android settings: Settings > System settings > Advance settings > More settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset
  2. Unplug the power to the box. Using a toothpick or something similar, insert it into the back of the reset port until you hear a slight click sound. (This is the hidden button in the reset port and you should be able to feel the button depress) Holding the button down in the reset port, you will plug the box back into the power. Continue to hold the reset button until you see the recovery menu on screen. Once in the recovery menu select the data wipe / factory reset option.

Third Party Apps

Unfortunately we cannot assist with third party applications. If you need assistance with an application it is recommended to visit their respective support sites.


Installing Kodi



Kodi download site


Kodi wiki


Game Pads

iOS support

The G-PAD BX and G-PAD Xyba controller do not work with iOS


To place your controller in pair mode for android press the "X" button and "Home" button for 2-3 seconds. On your android device navigate to the Bluetooth settings and begin looking for "gamepad"


Warranty Info

  • The warranty is unconditional; as long as the device is not lost or stolen it's still covered.
  • Warranty covers parts and labor for one (1) year.
  • Proof of purchase required.