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This is the current Launcher found on the G-Box_Q. This launcher can be replaced by another 3rd party launcher.


The tutorial will present itself on a fresh install or if the Home Portal settings are reset. This is a brief walkthrough of how the Home Portal works.

All Apps



To replace this launcher with an alternative, you can download any 3rd party launcher and when you press the Home key, it will prompt you to choose.

Resetting Default Launcher

Navigate to settings and choose Apps. In the Downloaded section, choose the upper right and choose RESET APP PREFERENCES. A warning will appear. Choose RESET APPS to go back to the defaults.


If you choose the wrong one, you can reset the default by following these steps.

Open up the settings and make sure you are in the advanced settings screen. Check that you have the home option under Device. If you do not see this option, check that the launcher you want is installed properly. Using a mouse cursor, select the radio circle next to the launcher you would like to be the default.